Girls and Boys Cricket - Something for Everyone

If your child loves cricket, getting them involved in a local club is a great way for them to get better at the game.


Girls and Boys Cricket - Something for Everyone

Cricket is a really popular sport in Australia and has been played here for over 210 years. There are lots of cricket clubs in Melbourne and it’s a tradition for Aussie kids to play cricket in their backyards or on the street.

If your child loves cricket, getting them involved in a local club is a great way for them to get better at the game.

Cricket Australia oversees cricket in Australia and has two programs called Junior Blasters and Master Blasters.

These programs are for kids aged five and up and teach them the rules of cricket before they start competing. You can find your closest club and learn more about the programs on the Play Cricket website.

Junior Blasters is a six-week program that helps kids learn cricket skills and important social skills like teamwork.

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What are the benefits of playing cricket?

One of the benefits of playing cricket is that it helps promote physical fitness and healthy living among individuals. It involves running, throwing, catching, and hitting which enhances cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes.

Additionally, cricket fosters teamwork, leadership skills, and strategic thinking. Through playing cricket, players learn how to communicate effectively and work together to achieve a common goal.

Moreover, cricket provides an opportunity for socialisation and helps build strong bonds between players, coaches, volunteers and supporters. It promotes discipline, resilience, and mental toughness as players face various challenges during training and matches.

Overall, playing cricket is an excellent way to stay active, develop essential life skills, and have fun.

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What's ahead for 23/24 cricket pre-season? Fitness Training! Cricket is one of the most exciting sports to watch and play. It requires not only excellent technical skills but also a high level of fitness from its players.

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