Did you know?

Hey there! Did you know that Ravi Shastri holds a really cool record in cricket?

He was the first person in history to hit 6 sixes in an over, which is just amazing!

This accomplishment not only helped his team, but it also showcased his impressive skills as a batsman.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ravi Shastri scored 200 runs in that game, which was the fastest double century in the history of first-class cricket at that time. 

What an incredible achievement! 



VMCU stands for Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union.

The VMCU was formed during the 1913/14 season just prior to WWI.

Community cricket competitions in Victoria are structured within a governance network to Cricket Victoria via the following 3 Peak Bodies: VMCU, VCCL and VSDCA.

Before 1983, the only Inter Association cricket managed by CUOV was the VCA Shield played by players under 21-25 and Inter-state Carnival matches.

In 1984, CUOV introduced the Keith Mitchell competition as a metropolitan-wide competition for under-12 players, which was highly regarded by the cricket community.

In 1999, Cricket Victoria established 16 regions in the state and transferred the Dowling Shield from a Premier Club to Region-based competition.

The CUOV was restructured to the Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union representing 8 metropolitan regions. 

With CV, VMCU introduced metropolitan-wide competitions at association level for under-14 and under-16 age groups, underpinning CV programs and providing opportunities for more players.

The IAJCC competition in these age groups was invaluable to the rapid implementation of the VMCU Shield Carnival.

The Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union (VMCU) was formed in the 1913/14 season and is the umbrella organisation for nearly all Melbourne metropolitan community cricket associations and clubs. 

Similar to the VCCL, is represents the interest of metropolitan cricket to Cricket Victoria (CV) and works collaboratively with CV and the VMCU Associations to help oversee community representative cricket and develop community cricket in Melbourne. 

There are around 30 Associations who participate in seasonal or representative competitions under the VMCU umbrella – VMCU Associations

Firstly find your local cricket club by using the club finder function at the Cricket Australia website.

Then check out your local club by contacting them.

After you have decided to join you can register with your club as a junior, or as a senior.

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