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2024 VMCU Carnival Update

From Rodney Patterson

  1. The playing dates will be Mon January 8 to Sun January 21,2024. With 3 or 4 round robin games in the first week and two in the second week, the semi finals will be on the Thur Jan 18 and Grand final on Sunday Jan 21 , expect for the U17 Jones which will be Friday Jan 19.
  2. Reconfirmed the CV Premier Jennings , Dowling and U18 competition players will remain ineligible to play in the VMCU Carnival.
  3. There is to be a new rule implemented which will require Team Managers and Coaches to clarify with the umpire the rules before each match.
  4. The selection of CV Premier 2nd XI players will be changed to only allow these players to be selected if they have played 5 or less DAYS.
  5. Amended the rule so there will be no restrictions of players outside the ring after the first 15 overs
  6. The U14 girls will now play off a full length pitch and we will be seeking any feedback on this change after the conclusion of the carnival.
  7. Umpires appointments will be done by the home association for all home and away games. For Semi and grand finals the VMCU will try and appoint umpires to these games.

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